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Reflection on Worshiping Injunctions According to Principle of Dissimilarity to Non-Muslims
It is mentioned to Muslims about the former tribes in Qur’an. Muslims are warned about not to resemble them and obey them. However, it is not declarated on which subject will be avoided to resemble oropposed. It is learned from the Prophet's wives that which aspects will be refrained and in what ways we oppose their deeds and behaviors from person and communities outside the Islamic circle. Islamic Law (Shariah) approved some of the adjudications just the same despite that it modified some of them and gave new provisions. Sitrictly application of this new Shariahwhich abrogates preceding onescan be possible by becoming distinguished their similar elements. In this stuation, we encounter the principle avoiding from imitation / dissmilarlarity to Non- Muslims. The purpose of not to resemble to Non-Muslims has been clearly state especially in the worshiping injunction hadith. Avoiding from imitation / dissmilarlarity to Non- Muslims sometimes has been declared as reason or wishdom in these provisions relating to worship.

Imitate (Teshebbuh), Non-Muslim, Obey ( İttibâ)

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