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As a Definite Source of Knowledge in Ibn Hazm's Fıqh Method, ''Evidence''
In this study, Ibn Hazm’s theory of ‘’Evidence’’, which he ranks on the fourth place among the sources of the provisions and in the Nass (Quran and hadith texts) that enable the disclosure of the provisions declared implicitly by the principles of language and logic, in other words, the identification and the determination of the definite signs of the Nass without leaving no space for disagreement, will be discussed. Firstly, how Ibn Hazm regards Qur'an, the Hadiths and the Icma as a source will be mentioned since according to him the ‘’Evidence’’ is a source based on the Qur'anic text which expresses precise information, the text of the hadith and the Icma (consensus) of the Companions. Subsequently, the types of evidence based on the Nass and Icma will be examined. In the conclusion section, general evaluations related to the study will be presented.

İbn Hazm, Fiqh Method, Definite Knowledge, Evidence

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