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Abdulbaki al-Tabrizi’s Method in the Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Majid
The work of Tafsir, which was considered as an attempt to understand and interpret the purpose of Allah in the Qur'an, has been continued by the competent commentators since the Prophet. Tafsir activity is generally performed in the style of riwayah and dirayah. One of these Tafsir works is “Tafsîr al-Qur’ân al-Majîd” which belongs to Abdulbakî al-Tabrîzî, who lived in Iran-during the Safavid period. Although in some sources, this work is considered to be the mystical tafsir, it is one of the examples of tafsir bi’d-dirayah, in which kelamic, scientific, literary and linguistic issues are intensively studied. In this article, after briefly touching on the life of Tabrîzî, his scientific personality, works, and the sources and the method of his Tafsir work are examined in terms of riwayah, dirayah, language and literature.

Qur’an, Tafsir, riwayah, dirayah, Tabriz, Abdulbakî al-Tabrîzî

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