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Quranic Culture in tej Pre-Ottoman Era (Schooling / Tilawah / Qiraah)
Thıs article deals with the Qur'anıc culture in pre-Ottoman Anatolia. The subject is limited to the aspects of the Qur'anic culture which are related to its schooling, tilawah and qiraah. In the Schooling section, the main Qur'anic education centers and other places where Qur'an education is given are mentioned. In the Tilawah section, the customs of the time are revealed by referring to the fields of employment created in the foundations for reading the Qur'an and the time and the places where the Qur'an was recited. As for the title of Qiraah, the main qiraah centers in Anatolia and the leading reciters (qurra) of the given era are examined. One more thing should be mentioned here; the pre-Ottoman expression in the title is not meant to be in the historical sense (before 1299); but the state and condition of the places mentioned in the article before joining the Ottoman Empire. The aim of this article is to expose the culture of the Qur'an in pre-Ottoman Anatolia, which has not been studied before in an independent way. Thus, in light of the data put forward, the features of that period regarding the subject will be revealed, and its effect for later periods. In light of the data obtained, it was concluded that Anatolia had a rich culture in terms of qur’anic schooling, tilawah and qiraah at the time and impressed deeply on later times.

Qur’an, Qiraah, Ottoman, Seljuk, Anatolia, Principalities.

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