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The Order and its Means Acording to Mujtahits
This study aims to clarify the value of the Principles of jurisprudence as the bases of jurisprudence, they are two inseparable studies, and agree that the purpose of both is reaching the legitimacy rules. There is no doubt that all Islamic law resources revolves around the Holy Quran and the Sunna, the Sunna is second recourse in the legislation after the Holy Qur’an, the issue of provision commonly relates to the Sunna because a lot of provisions revolves to the generality orders which certainly result a lot of Islamic provisions which regulates the lives of individuals, and defines them their religious affairs, and we also provide the following observations on the following subjects: A. This is not just a practical formula of order, but other ways of guiding the matter. B. The meanings of the order are many, arrive to twenty-one meaning, but not each of them independent from the other, some of them overlapping in others. I mentioned an important introduction that is indispensable in this article, namely and termly definition of order. Moreover, the study includes commanding formulas, uses, the effect of its evidences in directing the denotation. I mentioned views of some scholars about the use of denotation in repetition or not have been mentioned in addition to the immediate denotation or delayed. Some questions about the denotation according to the scholars have been mentioned. I talked about an important issue: namely the indication of the words of the companions of our Prophet (ordered by the Messenger of Allah) and his evidence on the order or not? and scientists saw, in this matter, and the consequent of many important issues, whether in the acts of worship or transactions have been hit some examples Therefore, using the words of scientists, to facilitate understanding of the matter. The study concluded by serving several examples about the honorable Sunnah in practical applications of jurisprudence procedures caused by the diversity in the denotation of commanding.

Order, Vujub, Nadb, Ibaha, Meaning

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