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The Term of Istishhad in Tafsir et-Tabari
One of the important terms in the Arabic language, rhetoric and literature is istishhad. The istishhad, which was used extensively during the Jahiliyya period, was used from Islamiyyun, mhadramun, Abbasiyyun, Emeviyyun, Mamluk periods to modern period. The word istishhâd, which is used to know, be present and see, means to ask someone to testify. As a term, it means bringing an example from verse or prose in order to prove the verb, meaning and usage of a word and the accuracy of a base in Arabic. The sample brought for this purpose is called âh shahid-shaheed ”. In this study, firstly, the meaning and term meaning of the word istişhâd is given. After the historical process of the term is given, the terms shahid-shawahid derived from the term are explained. The istishhad, which is one of the elements of istishhad made from the Qur'an, the Quran, the hadiths, poetry and dialect, is explained and examples are given. Finally, the study was concluded by exemplifying Tabarî's consultation with Arab practices.

Tabari, Interpretatiton, Istishhad, Shavahid, Poem.

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