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The Glossator of the Tayyibat al-Nashr Musa Carullah Bigiyef
?ayyibat al-nashr, which has been one of the basic sources of the ten qirats (recitations), is a text not only including the difficult phrases and succinct statements but also expressing the issues pertain to the recitation as a poetic form in the shortest way. Both its poetic form and several rules about the text determined by the author cause difficulty in comprehending the text. From this aspect, an interpretative necessity comes up for readers of the mentioned text. Musa Carullah Bigiyef, who has had significant information in the field of the Quran recitation, has written an exegesis related to the precious text read and learnt by heart for centuries so as to be understood by readers. In this article, the unknown aspect concerning Quran recitation and ability of Musa Carullah Bigiyef who has been known as an authentic intellectual in the Islamic world, in particular in our country will be discussed via the exegesis regarding the ?ayyibat al-nashr.

Musa Carullah Bigiyef, ?ayyibat al-nashr, recitation, exegesis, method.

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