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Written Alfiyyas in the Arab Gramer and Effects on Arabic Teaching
In the 5th (XI) century, when the Nahiv works was expanded and entered the recession period, the problem of Arabic teaching, which emerged with the introduction of non-Arabs to Islam in parallel to the beginning of madrasah education, pushed scholars to different searches. Grammar scholars, in the VI. (XII) century, they began to write verse works by using the effective and concise expression of the poem for easy memorization of students. Alfiyyas, written in didactic poetry, are also among such works. Alfiyyas are the poetic studies that provide concise information, decorated with the language of poetry, written in recez and consist of about a thousand couplets. These works, which are written in many branches of science, have become a tradition by moving from positive sciences to Arabic grammar and then to Islamic sciences. It is a feature of these poetic works that the scientific subjects are concisely processed by using the rhyme, rhythm and musical harmony of the poem and contain holistic information about any branch of science. Today, we think that the re-reading of this tradition will provide practical benefits to students in teaching Arabic. We will try to evaluate the place of these works in the teaching of Arabic by introducing the Alfiyya tradition in our article and the Alfiyyas written about the Arabic grammar.

Grammer, Arabic Teaching, Verse, Alfiyya

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