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Proofs of the Nahiv Usûl and Witnesses Used by Ibn Mu'ti in her ed-Durretu'l-alfiyya
The Nahiv method is a science that mentions the proofs of nahiv, the methods of dedication with them and the state of the proof. According to many nahiv scholars, there are four evidences of nahiv method: sema, ijma, analogy, istishab. Important nahiv scholars such as Suyûtî, Ibn Cinnî, el-Anbârî, ez-Zeccâcî wrote individual works in the field of nahiv method and mentioned these evidences. Ibn Mu'ti is a poet and a nahivist who has written works in different branches of science such as recitation, hadith, fiqh, Arabic language sciences. His verse grammar book ed-Durretu'l-alfiyya is his most competent work. In this work, which has an important place in the history of grammar, Ibn Mu'ti used sema, ijma, analogy, istishâb which are among the proofs of the nahiv method, and as a witness, he brought witnesses from hadiths, Arabic poetry, and proverbs, especially the Qur'an. In this study, after making a brief introduction of this work, which is the first elfiyye in the history of Arabic grammar, we aimed to contribute to better understanding of the work in the science community by including the metaphors used in the work and the witnesses.

Arabic Grammer, ed-Dürretü’l-Elfiyye, The Nahiv method, İstishhad.

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