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Ridhauddin b. Fakhruddin’ Views on Islamic Law
The modernization and revival movement seen among Muslims in many parts of the world lasted from the 1800s to the 1920s in Russia. This movement was not only effective in the field of education but also the religious field. There have been many prominent names in Russia who have taken initiatives in this field. One of the intellectuals living in this period was Rızaeddin b. Fahreddin. Due to the geographical conditions of the Idil-Ural Region and him being special in respect of political reflexes of the country's administration, Mufti Ridha ad-Din b. Fakhr ad-Din's fiqh aspect draws attention. Although his hadith, lingual and educational aspects were examined in previous studies about him, his experiences and activities as qadi and mufti for many years were not dwelled on separately. The isolation of the Muslims of Russia from the world Muslims in his period and their experience and practices in the face of sociological events in the region, the religious life struggle of Muslims under severe conditions constitute an example worth examining in terms of the principles and purposes of Islamic law.

Idil-Ural, Russia, Ridhauddin b. Fakhruddin, Furu' al-fiqh, Islamic law.

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