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Molla Gurani’s Opposition to Abu Hanifa in the Context of His Works Named Ghayat al-amani and al-Kawthar al-jari
Molla Gürânî is one of the important scholars who lived in the fifteenth century, and had his education outside of the state and later came to the Ottoman Empire. He started his education life at his early ages and took the opportunity of getting an education from famous scholars in Baghdad, Damascus, and Egypt. It is reported that the Shafi'i scholar Molla Gurani, who came to the Ottoman Empire by favour of Molla Yegan and became the teacher of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, adapted Hanafi views. In this article, the views of Molla Gurani's opposition to Abu Hanifa, who compiled his works after coming to the Ottoman Empire, will be conveyed in as much as detected from his tafsir and hadith works titled as Ghayat al-amani and al-Kawthar al -jari. Knowing the views of Molla Gurani as opposed to Abu Hanife gives us important traces about what Molla Gurani's legal views and preferences are.

Molla Gurani, Abu Hanifa, Fiqh, the Ottoman Empire.

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