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On the Aesthetic Terms That Shape the Literary Descriptions of the Holy Quran
The artistic formulation has a special and unique position in the literary field of the Quran. It can be said that this formation has come into being in terms of consistency in discourse and sense. In addition to the transformation of this form into a concrete vitality, intuition and splendour in the reader's mind, the form and diversity of this type of presentation through language manifests itself. Here, the presentation of rhetorical expressions concealed within the systematics and aesthetic terms created in the semantics of the Quran is important. This research aims to try to reveal the analytical presentation of the literary descriptions, that aesthetic expressions create, in some verses of the Quran. In other words, how the intersection has an effect on the centre of thought and the uniqueness of the Quran's semantic rhetoric and the transformation of words into semantics will be discussed. To sum up, while touching on to the literary descriptions of the Quran, the artistic form will be taken, and from there to the analysis, explanation and conclusion of the terms that emerge from some verses. While doing this analysis, we tried to explain some psychological facts and sensitivities, based on the analytical interpretation.

Arabic Rhetoric, The Holy Quran, Inimitability (Ijaz), Depiction.

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