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The Consıstency of Usul-Furu in al-Fusul and Ahkam al-Quran the Books of Jassas in the Context of Vacib
The study focuses on the consistency of usl-fiqh methods in the context of vacib al-Fusul of Jasas and Ahkamu'l-Qur'an. Generally, it is claimed that copyrighted faith methods works and fiqh methods books have a lack of consistency. In this study, information about vacib from two works on usl and fiqh was presented, and the information in the context of usl-fiqh methods evaluated by comparing. The study composed of two parts; the first part is the concept of vacib in accordance with al-Fusul in general and the second part contains the consistency analysis of the vacibi in Ahkamu'l-Quran and the data in al-Fusul and Ahkamu'l-Qur'an. When the data on issues such as vacib generating from the sunnah in al-Fusul and Ahkamu'l-Qur'an, the muwessa, interim and consignment vacib are evaluated, it is obviously seen that the issues are eligible each other, there is a consistency between them, and there is no situation that can be directly or indirectly defined as a contradiction. It is confirmed that the consistency of usl-fiqh in the context of vacib in al-Fusul and Ahkamu'l-Quran of Jasas is incisively reflected.

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