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Contracts' infisah according to Imam Malik
The termination of the contract is of great importance, and it is the result of conclusion the contract and then rescinding it, which is lifting of the contract, the loosening of the commitment to it, the return of the contracting parties to what was before its conclusion, and the reasons that lead or motivate to cancelling the contract are varoius such as what is related to the contracting parties, the capacity, and what related to the contracted and its cancellation. The nature of the contract, is of great significance such as a deposit contract, or annulment when the judiciary intervenes to obligate the two contracting parties because of harm might do to one of them, or because Islamic Sharia laws do not accept it. This dissolution results in a number of effects, such as returning the contract to what was before its establishment, bearing the damages arising from it, and how to annul when the contract is increased or decreased, and this is what we discuss in the research.

Jurisprudence of financial transactions, dissolution, causes, effects, Malikis

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