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Mind and Using Mental Ability in Hadiths
Mind is one of the most significant gifts Allah has endowed to human being. The human being who has mental ability is obliged to do the servitude duties. Allah c.c. In many verses of the Qur'an, orders using mind, contemplating, and realizing the existence and oneness of Allah, based on the evidence obtained as a result of observation. He informs that the ones closing their eyes to the truth do not reason and their hearts are sealed. The Sunnah has duties such as declaring the Qur'an, limiting the general provisions, confirming and reinforcing the issues in the Qur'an. Within this context, while we are examining the mind issue in the Hadiths with Sunnah data, we have been looking for the answers to these questions: Have the Hadiths dealt with the mind and the creation of mind ontologically? Are there any Hadiths praising mind and encouraging using mind? Are there Hadiths about criticizing mind? Do the human beings have equal mental ability according to the Hadiths? Does mind have limitation according to the Hadiths? Which organ carries out the act of reasoning according to the Hadiths? In this study we have been trying to scrutinize and investigate the issues like this and so forth.

Hadiths, Sunnah, Mind, Limitation of Mind, Reasoning, Fatânet (genius), First Created Being

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