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Apparent Emphasis in Ibrahim an-Nahai's Ijtihads
Ibrahim an-Nehai is one of the jurists of the formation period of Islamic Law. Nehai lived in Kufa. There is no information in the sources that he went to other places except for Kufe to learn science. Although there is an opinion that there is a scholarly circle that started with Abdullah b Mas’ud who is the main founders of the Hanafi school, Nehai is one of the most important figures who influenced the formation of Abu Hanifah’s scientific and intellectual structure. It is seen that the Nehaî texts judge according to their literal/literary meanings, do not resort to any interpretation, and take into account the real meanings of the texts and do not deviate from the metaphor. The purpose of this article will be to analyze the reasons and consequences ofNehaî’s reliance on the apparent in his ijtihads and to draw attention to his outward side. In addition, the examples of Nehaî’s interpretation of texts will be given in this article.

Nehaî, Abu Hanifa, Kufa, apparent, interpretation

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