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Ibn Taymiyya And Mıurjia
The Murji’a emerged as an opposition to Kharijite fanaticism on the issue of takfir and as a reaction to the literal understanding of the scripture by Ahl al-Hadith. The Kharijite excommunicated those who committed grave sin and considered killing them lawful. Ahl al-hadith considered act (amal) as a constituent of belief and its negligence leads to unbelief. As a reaction to this understanding, the Murji’a held that one can be excommunicated only by declaring unbelief and act is not part of belief. For the latter, the judgement about the grave sinner needs to be postponed to the day of judgement. Abu Hanifa is seen as one of the founders of the Murjiite ideas. Though a member of Ahl al-hadith, Ibn Taymiyya tried to find a conciliatory position between the two opposite groups, namely the Murji’a and Ahl al-Hadith. In this article his unique role in this discussion is examined.

KEYWORDS: Kharijites, Murji’a, Abu Hanifa, Ibn Taymiyya, belief, takfir

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