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Ibn Ebi Leyla's Manner andd it's Affects on Hanefi Sect
İbn Ebî Leylâ who took part in the formation of İslamic Law gave fatwa due to the task of fagih, kârı ,muftı and also kadı.. When the fatwas of İbn Ebî Leylâ are examined it seems that he is absolutely a scholar. The environmant which İbn Ebî Leylâ and Ebû Hanife grew up and their scholars whom they have taken courses are similar. Ebû Hanife and İbn Ebî Leylâ are the most important representatives of Irak “ehl-i re’y”. Inthisstudy, by acting from the fatwas of İbn Ebî Leylâ we tried to emerge his manner. As a conclusion, the essay is ended with the evaluation of İbn Ebî Leylâ’s affects on Hanafi sect.

Ibn Ebî Leylâ, Manner, Affect, Formation.

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