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The Emergence of The Ash’arism and its First Period
Ash’arism, one of the two primary sects of Sunni İslam, is a school of thinking which studies on the solutions for theological problems by using specific methods and which has significant contributions to the development of islamic thought with its extensive literature on this field. Early Ash’arism which starts with Imam Ash’ari and ends with Juvaini (Mutekaddimun Period) has an especial importance in terms of theological history. Moving from these considerations, in this article we will try to introduce Early Ash’arism by adressing rising of Asharism, its literatures, the important figures who effect whole Sunni paradigm with their ideas and arguments suggested.

Ashari, Early Asharism, Bakillani, İsferayini, Ibn Furak, Bagdadi, Juvaini.

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