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Hutees, As a Refusers Zaydiyya
In this research, two main topics are covered: Imam Zaydi Ibn Ali Ibnu Hussien and Hutees group and Hutisim. In the first part I mentioned Imam Zayid Ibn Ali(76-122 H,695-740 A.D). I wrote his biography, his educational life, his medhab (school of thought) and its effects. I concluded that Imam Zaid Ibnu Ali was one of high level Muslim scholars after the four Khalifas. His methodology was mainly based on the holy Qur’an and Sunna he takes the outlook of Sahabas and authenticated Hadis. His political doctrine was based on prioritizing Hazret Ali Ibnu Abi Talib to the other three Righteous Khalifs. That is to say he is considered as Shii leader; but far from Rafidhi groups. Imam Zaid respects all Sahabas and the three Kalifs and Ummahatil Mueminin(mothers of the believers) r.a. Regarding the Huteess, I realized and mentioned in detail that Hutees are extremist Jihadist Yemeni groups. They emerged as political revolt in 1982 A.D. Then changed to the armed revolutionaries in 2004 A.D. They are still fighting against legal government of Yemen killing, torturing and devastating the country’s infrastructure. They claim affiliation to Imam Zayid and Zayidizim but they are far from his school of thought. Rather, they are extreme shias, nearer to the Al Jarudiya and Imamic Rafidha groups. They believe that most of the Sahabas are unbelievers and they insult and curse them officially specially Abubakar and Umar in addition to Ummahatil Mueminin(wives of the Profet alaihisselam) particularly Aisha And Hafsa r.a.. They accuse Bukhari and Muslim that they lie and write false hadises for the sake of political leaders. They consider and officially celebrate Rafidhi Shia holidays like al Ghadir and Karbala. The Hutees depend on the Iran state as their reference. They send their students to Qumm to educate them and they get support of weapon and finance from Iran government and other Shia leaders in both Iraq and Iran. This logistic and military support enabled them to control the capital San’a and a lot of important localities since September 2014.

Hutees, Zaydi Ibn Ali, Medhab

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