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Imamah and Risalah in Point of Basic Characteristics of the State
In this study, It will be focused on the possibility of being separated from each other of the Prophet Mohammad’s (sav) decisions which were made as a head of state with his decisions which were made as a Prophed, Communicator and the possibility that this distinction will constitute the basis for the separation of religion and state. In this context, particularly it will be tried to explained; the difficulty of distinguishing the classification of the Prophet's desicions, especially the conclusions and debates that arise within the framework of communiqués and imamet, the difficulty of distinguishing the Prophed’s decisions based on the quality of imamet with the decisions based on the nature of the communiqué, the necessity of the tranfering the Prophet’s decisions based on İmamet qualification if possible as a form if not in terms of meaning.

Apostleship, İmamet, State, Tasarrufât'n-nebî

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