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The Content of Dalalat in Context of Language and Meaning
In order for the validity of the provisions to be accepted, the judgment must comply with the procedures laid down in the Islamic law (fiqh) methodology (usûl). In Islamic Law Methodology, there are differences between the methods of Hanafi scholars (fuqaha) and the methods of Shafii-Mutakallimun scholars, regarding the making judgement the meanings expressed by the words of the Qur'an and Sunnah (texts) of the main sources of Islamic law. Hanafi methodologists think that the "sign of the notion" adopted by Mutakallimun methodologists is wrong. Some sources view it as a dispute that exists only in the classification and naming of concepts, but other sources say that the two expressions are very different.

Notion, Indication, Utterance, Expanding Meaning, Contrary Meaning

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