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The Hadiths of Targhib - Tarhib and Literature
Targhib and tarhib are the hadiths that present the social, cultural and ethical side of the religion more than judgements. In this sense, they are from the pillar of religion and form an important scope for benefit of the ummah of Islam. It is known that there are some disagreements in acceptance of this kind of hadith in being a matter of practice and their usage fields. All of these and the changes that have happened in the perspectives throughout the history can be seen in the works that are written in this field. I tried to mention the discussions about targhib and tarhib hadiths and exert the chronological literature of it. While mentioning them, I transmitted the views about them from classical and modern works. Also, I mentioned these works' aim, style and content.

Targhib, Tarhib, Liteature.

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