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Ostensible and Esoteric Fiqh in Terms of Worships: Gazzali as a Sample
The commands in Islamic law have two aspects : Ostensible and esoteric. As a result of this dual variation those who conduct the ostensible aspects of the commands are regarded as to have fulfilled their responsibilities within the world time accordingly and deserve the rights and practices that of Muslims. During the conductions of the command inclusion of the esoteric aspects in the heart like Hushu, the peace of heart,taqwa, niyyah, ikhlas, tawaqqul providing not neglecting the ostensible aspects takes to the bliss of here after –the real goal- by protecting these commands from stability,dulness and insincerity. In this article; apart from ostensible conditions of worships during their fullfilments Gazzali’s views of the esoteric points in the worship and what they add to the worships have been tried to be explained.

Ostensible Fıqh, Esoteric Fıqh, Gazzâlî

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